Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are only the most frequently asked and easy to answer questions I receive about femdom hypnosis, mindfuck, and brainwashing & reprogramming fetishes I offer. If you have any questions which aren’t covered here, feel free to contact Me directly.

What is femdom hypnosis and how does it work?

While I sometimes enjoy stage hypnosis, which uses willing participants, often silly suggestions, special effects, and the like, I am also certified in hypnotherapy and prefer to use these skills primarily when enjoying femdom hypnosis sessions with My submissives. Unlike stage hypnosis, hypnotherapy is a verified psychological tool used to induce a trance or meditation-like state in the subject being hypnotized. Once in this state, I can communicate directly with your unconscious mind. Unlike the conscious mind, which is all of the mental processes and thoughts of which we are fully aware, the subconscious mind contains all of the base parts of your psyche – the feelings, motives, decision making, and even memories are stored in the subconscious mind.

What sorts of things can you do to me with femdom hypnosis?

Using hypnotism to interact directly with your unconscious mind, I will mold and change your behaviors, thought patterns, wants, likes, dislikes, etc. Since all sensations are perceived by the brain, I am even able to make you feel things that aren’t really happening to you in the physical world. Even if you are thousands of miles away, you will feel like I am physically with you, touching you, punishing you, rewarding you, etc.

Am I hypnotized right now?

It’s possible! Have you recently watched any of My clips, listened to any of My MP3s, or did we have a session together? I use aspects of femdom hypnosis in ALL of My clips, which means that if you’ve ever purchased any of My content, there’s a good chance you’ve been hypnotized by Me. Some of My subs do not even realize that I’m hypnotizing them while it happens.

A few ways of telling if you’ve been hypnotized by Me or My content are:

  • Time distortion
  • A desire to do things after our session, viewing a clip, or listening to an MP3 of Mine which you didn’t necessarily want to do beforehand
  • An extreme and perhaps even seemingly misplaced sense of wellbeing and happiness
  • Feeling extremely relaxed (even if it was a very physically intense or stressful day)
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Inability to focus on complex thoughts or ideas
  • Feeling like your entire body is “buzzing.”
  • Feeling heavy
  • Feeling like you’re floating
  • Eyelids fluttering
  • Mouth watering or dry mouth, swallowing frequently
  • Feeling like you’re “not really in your own body” (dissociating)
  • Heart rate and breathing changes
  • Becoming hyper focused on something
  • Feeling like your mind is wandering or day dreaming
  • Wanting to immediately book another femdom hypnosis session, listen to another MP3, or watch another femdom hypnosis clip

These are only the most common signs that you have experienced femdom hypnosis. Everyone is different, and everyone’s hypnotic journey with Me will be completely unique. you may experience some, all, or none of these, and you may experience things which aren’t listed as well.


What are posthypnotic suggestions?

Since femdom hypnosis allows Me to communicate directly with your unconscious mind, I can give instructions directly to your subconscious. These posthypnotic suggestions can do all sorts of fun things! In the world of hypnotherapy, posthypnotic suggestions are the reason that hypnotists can help people quit smoking, loose weight, deal with anxiety, and all sorts of other fabulous things. With femdom hypnosis, though, I am a bit less scrupulous than that… I can make you want or no longer want certain things, or leave triggers that will make you go under more easily again the next time you listen to one of My brainwashing MP3s, watch one of My mindfuck clips, or when we have a femdom hypnosis session again in the future. I can even make it so that you don’t have any recollection of the particular things which were said in the session or clip itself, which is quite useful for certain fetishes like blackmail, feminization and sissy hypnosis, forced bi, financial domination, and many many others.


What are brainwashing and reprogramming, and how do they relate to hypnosis?

Brainwashing is a technique that I can employ either during the act of hypnotizing you or after you’re already in a trance for Me. Brainwashing is a way of removing programming that your brain already has. In actual hypnotherapy sessions, a hypnotist can use the brainwashing techniques I employ to make their subjects no longer have certain detrimental thoughts or habits. Human brains function a lot like computers. Think of brainwashing like deleting spyware from your hard drive.

Unfortunately a lot of the time someone who is brainwashed will relapse back into their old, negative ways of thinking and acting. These programs run deep! That’s where reprogramming comes in. With reprogramming, I am able to put new thoughts, ideas, and entire ways of thinking into the empty spaces where the old ones used to exist. For example, a sissy who used to bite her nails could be brainwashed into not biting her nails. she can then be reprogrammed to enjoy manicures, acrylic nails, and all things nail art in general.


What is mindfuck and how does it relate to hypnosis?

Mindfuck is a certain type of femdom hypnosis which focuses on overloading the senses. My mindfuck clip and MP3s will often use distracting visuals, overlapping voice, sound effect, and musical tracks, and more forceful verbiage than regular femdom hypnosis or brainwashing and reprogramming. The conscious mind can only keep track of a few things at once, usually between 5 and 9. With mindfuck clips and MP3s, I am forcing the brain into a state of sensory overload so that you cannot possibly focus on anything besides what I want you to. The best part is, you probably won’t even understand a lot of what goes on in my mindfuck clips an MP3s, but don’t worry. They will be working their magic on your psyche from the inside out, creating real, positive changes. And the more you listen to or watch My femdom mindfuck MP3s and clips, the more you will get out of them. Repetition is key with mindfuck media.


Can you hypnotize me so that ________?

Probably, with a few exceptions. I cannot hypnotize you to do things that you physically cannot do. For example, I cannot hypnotize you to have a smaller penis. However, what I CAN do is hypnotize you to think that you have a smaller penis, or make it so that you have a very difficult time getting hard. I can’t hypnotize you to become physically different, but I can create an entirely new way of perceiving your reality that will be far more fulfilling for you in the end.


Why don’t you accept ________ for payment?

My world, My rules. Not all payment processors are created equal. Some, such as Google Pay, do not allow adult transactions and could freeze both My and your account if used for something like this. The ONLY payment processors I accept for new hypno slaves are Kinkbomb, IWantClips, Clips4Sale, Niteflirt, and Amazon Gift cards sent directly to My email (

Once you have established yourself as a trustworthy and worthwhile sub, I will offer you the option of paying Me directly via either paypal, bank transfer, or cash in person.